About Us

When a company begins to grow, leadership has to step in and determine a path for the direction of the company. Will the culture be all about the profitability? Or will the culture nurture the human relationships both inside the company and with the customer? At Meadowbrook, there was never any question. Founder, Danny Nicolo built his early successes on his personal involvement with customers. He provided service and guidance to them on a level they would never experience at larger lenders or financial institutions. The challenge he faced as he grew was to provide each and every new customer with the same close, personal experience. Of course the only answer is to bring on board people who share the same passion for personal service and to create an environment that celebrates customer satisfaction over sheer profitability.

Today, Meadowbrook has their own “Meadowbrook University” schooling new hires in the human side of lending – making sure that they garner the trust of their customers to help them fulfill goals and dreams they might never express to an uninvolved employee.

The benefits of this deeply entrenched corporate culture are evident everyday. Everyday, customers dissatisfied with other companies or Realtors and Attorneys whose clients were denied funding for trivial reasons rely on Meadowbrook to close the loan and to make sure that it is the best loan possible for the customer.

If you are new to Meadowbrook, we want to welcome you to our family.

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*Massachusetts Consumers: Please be advised that Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers Corp is not a bank/depository institution and its personnel, mortgage loan originators and/or financial advisors are not bankers.